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  • Three Great Reasons For Mobile Marketing

    Whilst wandering the streets lamenting my ability to locate a decent cup of coffee, I was told to get my nose out of my smartphone.  There it was, a cafe situated right across the road.  Hurrah. ‘You won’t believe this,’ I told the owner, ‘But …

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  • Going Viral With Video Marketing

    No, going viral does not involve catching a disease, but Video Marketing can certainly be infectious for the viewer. Its also seductively addictive to those businesses whose marketing videos infect a multitude of viewers. Why? Because, a well executed video rakes in the dollars……. And …

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  • The Magic Or Mayhem Of Mobile Marketing

    The following really happened to my sports team whilst on tour last week and serves to illustrate the potential magic or mayhem of Mobile Marketing.  A great team game is always followed by great team drinks and in the case of our sports team when …

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  • Facebook Face Recognition Software

    Facebook Face Recognition Software

    Have you heard the latest about the Facebook Face Recognition Software? Facebook isn’t known for protecting your privacy and its latest photo-tagging feature is no different. Using facial recognition software, Facebook will soon group photos together and, wherever possible, when you upload a new photo, the …

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