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  • Google SERPs Heat Map

    Why you MUST be at the top of the search Results

    I’m asked time and time again why it’s so important to be at the top of the Google search results so I thought I’d let you see for yourself where visitors look on the search results and what they click on. The following is a …

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  • The Pro’s Common Ipad Con

    The fear of theft is a common denominator that can be applied to all suggested business Ipad uses.  For that reason, we’ve decided to round up our Ipad for business series on this negative note.  However, it is positively simple to prevent Ipad theft. There …

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  • Improve Restaurant Profitability with the ipad Waitress!

      So, Last but not least, how do you improve Restaurant Profitability with the ipad Waitress? Here, we address the implementation of the ipad as waiting staff.  Imagine being seated at a restaurant and being handed an ipad.  When you are ready, you order from the …

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  • Ipad Entertainment

      Our penultimate point is the Ipad’s entertainment value.   This Ipad application would be most usefully employed in any situation where the customer may be required to wait.  Its a great investment as a differentiator keeping customers returning again and again. Pros: With an Ipad, …

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  • The Ipad Expeditor

    Over halfway through our 6 part series detailing the pros and cons of creative business implementations of the Ipad, we come to the Expeditor.  Provide your sales staff with Ipads and help them process the sale of your products more efficiently – in turn expediting …

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  • The Ipad As A Customer Database

    The Ipad as a customer database is our third topic in the 6 part series.  Any business that requires a new customer to sign in, fill out waivers and read liability forms can usefully employ the Ipad. Pros: Customer details are saved directly to the …

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  • The Ipad Presenter

    The next in our 6 part series outlining the pros and cons business uses for Ipads.  This time, the Ipad as a Presenter. This is a biggie – the Ipad is being put to considerable use during sales presentations and is the perfect presentation tool. …

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  • Use it or lose it – With technology comes the end of an era

    Times really are changing; first Orewa College made the Ipad mandatory pupil equipment and now New Zealand Post plans to send its last ever international economy letter this coming October. Why? Because as NZ Post spokesman Michael Tull said, ‘The way that people communicate is …

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  • Find My Business Launch

    So, what is Find My Business? The brand was created by a Business Advisor following years of working with hundreds of small and medium sized businesses across Australia and New Zealand. Almost without exception, when it came to marketing their products and services, the Business …

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