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About Find My Business

Sara LeadbetterFind My Business, Marketing Services was started by Sara Leadbetter, an experienced Business Advisor who works with SME all over Australia and New Zealand. She started the Marketing Company to fill the void between the technically minded web companies who generally only focused on the technical aspects of a website and the non-technical Business Owners who just wanted more sales.

In her own words:

[pullquote1 quotes=”true” align=”center” variation=”blue” textColor=”#000000″]I was fed up with my clients having been sold expensive websites that didn’t generate any enquiries. They didn’t have the technical knowledge to ask the right questions of their web companies. So I upskilled myself to make sure I did ask the right questions for them! After all, your marketing spend should produce a profit, or why spent the money?[/pullquote1]

As a marketing expert with a business background, Sara is able to take the Business Owners needs and ensure that their marketing spend produces a profit. Since starting the business, Sara now works with a range of sales, marketing and technical experts to ensure her team keep up with the ever changing online and mobile world.

Find My Business works with smart web companies to help New Zealand and Australian businesses get themselves found online by their target market. The web company does what they’re good at, building websites, and Find My Business does what it’s good at, making sure that the marketing spend makes money for the business owner.

The team was originally based in Christchurch, but, thanks to the 2011 Christchurch earthquakes, both Sara and her office have relocated to Queenstown where she also completes the marketing for another business she owns, Not a Rail Trail, running Cycle Trail Tours from Queenstown.