Facebook Deals New Zealand

Facebook Deals New Zealand and Australia

Facebook Deals New Zealand and Australia

If you’ve read recently about Facebook Places, the next launch for small business was Facebook deals. As a business owner, Facebook is giving you the opportunity to offer special incentive deals, offers and coupons for you target market.

These deals can be offered to new and existing customers and even make the offer specific to ‘friends’ to ensure people ‘check in’ to Facebook Pages and ‘like’ your business page. To further encourage people to visit you, there’s the potential for group deals for up to 8 people.

Sound complicated? Not really. The most important aspect is to understand the implications for your business. Imagine 2 customers are walking down the street and wants a coffee. They check in with Facebook and scan the area for deals. There’s a coffee shop next to them or 1 only 2 minutes walk away with a 50% off deal. Where do you think they’ll go…

As with Facebook Places, this system has been launched but only in the US so far. Initial feedback is exciting so it’ll be over here in New Zealand and Australia soon. Keep watching…

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