Facebook Places in New Zealand

Facebook Places New Zealand

Facebook Places New Zealand

Once again, Facebook proves it is out to crush Google. With the continual growth in user generated content (AKA Social Media), Facebook has responded to the needs of businesses and consumers alike by taking Google Maps ad socialising it. With Google Places, you ‘check in’ to your location on Facebook via a Places profile.

The marketing opportunities are endless but with, as always, pros and cons. This is the physical equivalent of ‘liking’ a page on your new feed and allows your friends to see where you are.

The good? You get to advertise your business, products or services immediately to hundreds, if not thousands of people.

The Bad? Provide poor service at your peril as it will immediately be spread amongst many hundreds, if not thousands or people!

Like Google Maps, you have control in what you say about your business. But, you have almost no control with what other people say about your business. As a consequence, like with Google Places, claim your listing as soon as you can and control and monitor it carefully.

Facebook Places has been launched in the US but will be in Australia and New Zealand soon. Watch this space…

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