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Google +1 Pages, Does Your Business Need one?

Google has recently announced that their Google Plus social network is now OK for businesses to join, using “Pages for Business”.

Thinking of joining up? Think carefully before you commit to a yet another new social networking platform. If you’re a business owner, please consider the following points and what you want to achieve, before setting up another online profile:

  1. Search results. Google’s equivalent to Facebook’s “Like” button, the “+1”, is about enhancing your visibility on Google search as much as social networking. When someone +1’s one of your site’s pages, I see this in my search results when I search for products or services like yours, and I’m more likely to believe a friends recommendation than an advert. And, pages with more +1’s will start to rank higher in search results.
  2. AdWords. Along with the launch of Pages for Business, Google has launched a new extension to their AdWords service that will let people +1 your page directly from your ad. This will improve your ads conversions AND help your long term organic search visibility. As with Facebook advertising, I predict that as the Google Plus platform grows, you’ll be able to target your AdWords ads to people based on their interests and employment as well as by what they’re searching for and where they’re located. This is gold!
  3. Segmenting and targeting your audience. If you want to talk to the different client types in different ways? Retailers vs wholesalers of your products, for example, then Google Plus is pretty much the only social media platform, other than email, that lets you target specific messages to specific segments of your audience.
  4. No Flexibility, yet. There are currently no ways to grow your Google Plus Page (yet?). You can’t add apps, it’s not interactive and the business branding is limited. If time is short, there are better avenues to follow.
  5. Where are your audience looking? As with all marketing, evaluate first where your target market is looking and interacting, then decide which platform allows you to be there. It’s early days for Google Pages…

Want help deciding whether or not your business needs a Google +1 Page or how to set one up? Contact Find My Business for prices…


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