Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing is the marketing of the future. Name one of your friends, family members or customers who doesn’t have a mobile phone? Mobile technology is the direction mainstream technology is taking, even Google has recently announced that everything they will do from now on is on mobile first. As a business owner, you must understand how you can use Mobile Marketing to benefit your business.

The main Local Mobile Marketing techniques we use include:

1. SMS (Text Message) Marketing

What are the tricks and methods you can use to collect a list of your prospects/customer’s mobile phone numbers? More importantly, what do you do with this list to build a customer relationship, not destroy it. We have simple systems for you to follow that make it easy for both your customers and your staff.

Shortcode Marketing
(Text a keyword to a shortcode)

This is a really effective concept that is gaining traction as the technology becomes cheaper. Instead of asking your prospects to ring or email you, just get them to text a ‘keyword’ to a short number. It’s so easy for people to use that the conversion rate is much higher than other methods. We can help you choose the keyword and set up the campaign. Prices start from as little as $99 per month to run a complete campaign.

Try this test exampleTEXT the keyword “FINDME” to 8808
(Texts cost 50c)

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2. Mobile and Responsive Websites

Helibike Mobile WebsiteGet found in a Google mobile search with a website designed to be found and used on a tablet or mobile phone. Try this website in your mobile device, it will detect your mobile browser and default to the mobile version of the website.  The exact layout will vary depending on your phone.

Mobile Websites need to be different from your desktop version. Mobile sites need to be fast loading, able to be viewed on a small screen and have the important information the mobile user needs, like your address and phone number, prominently displayed. All websites should now be mobile responsive, meaning they adjust their layout to fit the size of the screen on which they’re being viewed. If your website is not responsive, contact us to make it happen…


3. QR Codes (Mobile Barcodes)

This is a 2D-barcode containing the address of our mobile site. If you’ve never seen one before, it contains a hidden URL link that can be read by your phone. If your mobile has a barcode reader, simply snap this bar code with the camera and launch the site.

The barcode can be used on anywhere your target market may see it. It’s easier than typing the URL into a phone so, again, it has a higher conversion rate. Try the barcode with your phone, it’ll take you to the mobile version of this website.

4. Mobile Apps

With the phenomenal growth in mobile phone usage, mobile apps are becoming an essential tool for many businesses to use to get their message across. Whether you want to create product promotions, event itineraries, keep your touch with your latest news or run quizzes or polls, the price is now surprisingly affordable for any small business. Our Mobile apps start at only $495 for a branded app that your customers can access via multiple distribution channels, from QR codes to SMS.

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