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Mobile Websites, How fast is your website on a mobile device?

It’s been clear for some time now that Google counts a website’s speed as a factor in its search engine ranking algorithm. Now however, it’s also  considering how fast webpages render on a mobile device. For websites, Google has recently launched a new web-based tool in Google Labs called Page Speed Online. Available for any browser, Page Speed Online analyzes the performance of web pages and gives specific suggestions for making them faster.

For Mobile Websites, this Page Speed tool also comes with the ability to get Page Speed suggestions customized for the mobile version of a page. Optimizing for mobile website performance is often harder than standard websites for a number of factors, including the relatively limited CPU capabilities of mobile devices and the high round-trip times of many mobile networks, not to mention the growth of mobile usage.
Recommendations for optimizing for mobile devices include eliminating un-cacheable landing page redirects and reducing the amount of JavaScript parsed during the page load.

Lesser known is that the speed of your wireless provider has a massive effect on the speed of your website yet this is completely out of a web site developers’ control. Some providers are up to twice as fast as others.

For Mobile Marketing, a good mobile landing page is essential. There are many tools available to DIY or we are able to create a Mobile Website for you. So, do your homework, it may make the difference to your website rankings.


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