Online Advertising, Does it work?

You need to promote your products and services to increase sales. What’s the best way to do this? Does Online Advertising actually work? Current statistics show that people tend to conduct online searches for products after spotting an ad about it elsewhere. Recent studies on marketing and advertising-related topics show the following trend:

After Spotting an Advert for a Product or service, more than three-quarters of respondents (to Performics’ 2010 Search Engine Results Page Insights Study) reported conducting a search to learn more about that product or service. These searchers are also tenacious, the study found, if at first they don’t succeed, they did the following:

  • they will modify their search and try again (89%),
  • they will try a different search engine (89%),
  • and, they will go through multiple search results pages if necessary (79%).

The conclusion? If you are going to advertise online, make sure you use a Marketing Hook (memorable word or phrase) that relates to your produce or service and comes up highly in the search results. To do this, make sure you have positive reviews and customer testimonials are all optimized for the search engines using your ‘Hook’. Otherwise, you’ve wasted your advertising $$$s and you’re actually just as likely to be promoting your competitors products and services than your own.

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