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  • Is Google+ Going To Greatly Impact Search?

    Those of us that believed Facebook had a stranglehold on the social networking scene may need to rethink. Indeed, Google+ really does appear to be sapping Facebook’s influence and value. Facebook is somewhat blinkered in assuming that social networking is a stand alone solution.  Instead …

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  • Compulsory School Pupil Stationary Indicative of Future Business Customers

    If it wasn’t already clear to businesses that the customers of the future will entirely computer literate, then the latest addition to Orewa College’s Year 8 (age 12) pupil stationary list says it all. If businesses are going to be able to sell their products …

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  • How do you hang onto your slice of the cake?

      The recent news that Vodafone NZ has lost 26,000 customers to new entrant 2degrees in the last quarter made us think about niches. Precisely, how to hang onto them. Until a couple of years ago, the hip young mobile telecommunications brand was Vodafone. Vodafone …

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