The Magic Or Mayhem Of Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing

The following really happened to my sports team whilst on tour last week and serves to illustrate the potential magic or mayhem of Mobile Marketing.  A great team game is always followed by great team drinks and in the case of our sports team when on tour, usually a great pizza too. But, we were finishing at 8pm and nobody had thought to book a restaurant table for ten people. ‘No worries!’ I cried, whipping out my trusty mobile phone, entering Google and tapping in ‘great pizza’ ‘Dunedin.’ Google Places handed me pizza on a plate – or at least, gave me the number of a pizza place that would. I checked the red map marker, it was just a couple of blocks away. Our nominated drivers would drive us that far – so I dialled the number. ‘Ring ring, Ring ring, best Italian pizzas, how may I help you?’ I know its short notice, but could you fit in a party of ten in about 15 minutes?’ I asked. Hurray, they could, my team were so impressed! I booked, rang off and revitalised by visions of melted cheese and pepperoni dragged the team off down the road. Coming to a grinding halt in front of a swinging sign that undeniably read ‘closed,’ whichever angle we squinted at it from.

‘Ring ring, Ring ring, best Italian pizzas, how may I help you?’ ‘Hi, I booked a table for ten people for tonight and we are here and you are closed.’ Confused silence….. ‘I assure you madam, that we are not closed.’ ‘I assure you sir that you are!’ ‘I assure YOU madam that we are not. Might I hazard a guess ….you are in the wrong place.’ …….Short huff and pause while I checked my mobile for the Goggle Places local listing, ‘Best Italian Pizzas, 1 Pizza St, Dunedin?’ ‘Why yes Madam!’ ‘Then I assure YOU sir that I am not in the wrong place, but if I may hazard a guess – You ARE!!’

My team were now so unimpressed!

Turns out that while we were dying for pizza outside Best Italian Pizzas, 1 Pizza St, Dunedin, New Zealand, they were serving it up at the OTHER Best Italian Pizzas on the other side of town.  Google had the wrong address for the phone number.

This sadly (mostly) true event anecdotally attests to the fact that whilst Google Places is a great Mobile Marketing tool, it will only work if it is used correctly. If the local business owner does not claim the local business listing that Google freely provides for them, or provides incorrect information, then Google has to make do with whatever information it is able to find. So its reasonable to expect that mistakes might occur. Google is doing its best for you local business owners, offering you all completely free mobile marketing. This completely FREE mobile marketing is used by ‘Ordinary Joes’ like myself, searching for YOUR services, so come on all of you, sign in, sign up and help poor Google get it right!

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