The Pro’s Common Ipad Con

Stop Thief!

Stop Thief!

The fear of theft is a common denominator that can be applied to all suggested business Ipad uses.  For that reason, we’ve decided to round up our Ipad for business series on this negative note.  However, it is positively simple to prevent Ipad theft.

There are two sides to theft – prevention and recovery should it not be prevented.

Prevention:  Make it difficult and bulky.  Try an Ipad stand that securely locks the Ipad edges or corners within the stand’s frame.  The stand can then be bolted to the floor or table as required.  There are a variety of stand options and appearances available to suit all decor choices – flexible, static, from floor, from table top, deceptively delicate or charmingly chunky – the choice is yours.

Recovery:  It is hard to think of smart mobile technology without thinking of apps – and there are anti theft apps that you can download.  Should the Ipad be stolen, you can enable a tracking device from any other computer’s web browser using your tracking pin.  This is great as you don’t have to chase out of the door after it, simply enable the tracking device and call the police.  Anti theft apps allow you to remotely photograph the thief using the Ipad’s built in camera;  Perhaps you would enjoy uploading the photo to Facebook and making the most of their face recognition software for a name and address!  Another great anti-theft app shouts, ‘Stop thief!’ and, ‘You are not my owner, return me now,’ as soon as the ipad breaches a set perimeter.

Do not let the fear of Ipad theft limit the creative uses to which your business could put this innovative example of modern technology.

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