Three Great Reasons For Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing

Whilst wandering the streets lamenting my ability to locate a decent cup of coffee, I was told to get my nose out of my smartphone.  There it was, a cafe situated right across the road.  Hurrah.

‘You won’t believe this,’ I told the owner, ‘But i just looked you up in my phone and couldn’t find you.’‘Looked us up in on what?’  ‘My phone.’  ‘Let me have a look at that,  so you can access the internet on these things now?  Whatever next?’

It transpired that the cafe owner had never heard of mobile marketing despite running the only cafe (with great coffee) in town, with a captive market of locals and weary drivers, yet a nearly empty cafe.  Hence this post…

If anyone reading this is running a local business and depends on either locals or tourists for a living, then please read on.  There are three huge HUGE reasons for you to consider mobile marketing.

1)      You are having a quiet day and if you don’t (for example) sell all your chocolate muffins today then they’ll be out of date and you’ll have to bin them.  However, you are into mobile marketing, so you text all your local customers, ‘Ring a friend – Free chocolate muffin with every two coffees bought today.’

2)      Your website is mobile compatible and/or you have claimed your Google places listing.  People away from home will be able to locate your services!

3)      Google’s latest research indicates that over 70% of smartphone users purchase immediately following their smartphone search – they are looking for what they want right now.

The best thing is, the current number of internet savvy small businesses marketing to smartphone users is laughable.  Yet the number of smartphone users is ever on the increase as consumers upgrade their mobile telephones.  Less and less of the options available are not ‘smart,’ eventually ‘smart’ will be the only choice.   So now really is the time to practice, trial (error) and make the most out of the future of mobile marketing.

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