Webinar Marketing

Webinar is short for Web-based Seminar, a presentation, lecture, workshop or seminar that is transmitted over the Web.

Why should businesses consider holding a webinar? Everyone who works in sales and marketing knows that it’s far easier to sell to someone face to face, one on one, than it is using almost any other form of sales and marketing, be it TV, Radio, Advertising, direct mail, email campaigns, or even one on one over the phone. Meeting face to face allows you to present your sales material effectively, answer individual questions and, if done well, ensure you come across as the expert in your topic.

What few business owners realise is that the second most effective way of selling is via presentations. However, presentations take time and resources to book a venue, send out invites and co-ordinate guests. They’re often inconvenient for your guests who have to drive to the presentation, at a time that’s convenient for you, not them.

With today’s technology, there’s a way to run successful presentations that will make your, and your customer’s, life so much easier. Imagine running that same presentation, with the same guests, but online. An online presentation, or seminar, on the web. I.e a Webinar. No venue to organise. Your customers need only to log in to the link provided, no driving to and from or finding somewhere to park.

A well structured webinar, like its offline seminar big brother, allows you to impart knowledge effectively to your audience and also set yourself up as the expert in your topic. Done correctly, a high percentage of your audience usually wants further contact, information or to buy something from you. It is an extremely effective way to sell.

Now, it gets better! If you use the right Webinar provider, imagine recording your webinar so you can use it again and again. What a great way to leverage your time. With the right software or system, that webinar recording can be played at scheduled times and dates or even playgoing on-demand, just when your customers want it. They watch it at their convenience, not yours!

One piece of work, leveraged many, many times to be used at the convenience of your prospective customers. Now, that’s why you hold a Webinar!

Business Sales Webinars
We’re able to help you structure your presentation the most effective way, put together a sales funnel process to build up the numerous contacts with a prospect to increase the likelhood of a sale and even run the webinar on our software for you. Options include:

  • Strategy and Advice
  • Sales funnel development
  • Sales funnel implementation
  • Presentation development
  • Presentation delivery
  • Use of our software

Price: $POA

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